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"G2" is a term originally used by the military to refer to "intelligence." PriceG2, Inc. is a market research firm that tracks Retail Industry products and creates intelligence for our clients. The product categories that PriceG2 tracks are: Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, USB Flash Drives, Flash Memory Cards, and more product categories under development.

Differentiation Through Analysis
PriceG2 is unique in that it is a technology leveraged market research firm. PriceG2 developed its own proprietary software that compiles thousands of retail records from the top retailers in the U.S. These records contain model information, key product features, availability and pricing. Other companies called "data miners" or "web scrapers" just collect data, but do not provide their clients with an understanding of what the data means, i.e. the intelligence hidden within the data is missing. This is where PriceG2 differentiates itself. Thousands of records of data by themselves are useless, but PriceG2 has developed technology to turn this data into information. PriceG2's technology downloads, searches, and sorts thousands of records into management reports, illuminating the competitive intelligence hidden within the data. Then our analysts review our intelligence reports, apply their interpretation of what the report means, and supply their expert opinion.

PriceG2 clients receive intelligence from MyScout, a daily market surveillance engine, MarketVision, weekly trend reports supplied in a PDF file, and by using PriceG2's MaxVision software to interactively compare manufacturers, model information, and availability and pricing.

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PriceG2 Speaking Events
PriceG2 participates in annual industry trade shows and meets with key people in the industry. Here is a list of events we participated in or will soon attend:

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