Terms and Conditions

PriceG2's consulting services, market research reports, proprietary software and accompanying data files (collectively herein referred to as "market research") are sold on a single site, single user basis, unless indicated in writing from PriceG2. Client may use the PriceG2 market research for their internal business purposes only, and only in connection with the PriceG2 subscription services. Client may not disclose, transfer, sell, sublicense, outsource, rent or lease the PriceG2 market research or in any other way allow a third party to use it. Client may not make or permit the making of any copies, modifications, additions or enhancements to the market research, or cause or permit the disassembly, decompilation or reverse engineering of the market research in whole or in part except where, and only to the extent that, such restriction is prohibited by applicable law. No copyright is claimed in public domain material; however, PriceG2 claims copyright in the compilation, selection, coordination, interpretation, and arrangement of this report.

The information provided by PriceG2 in its reports, consulting, and on its web sites is offered without warranty and may contain errors or omissions. PriceG2 shall not be liable for damages, if any, from using information or reports provided by PriceG2, including, but not limited to direct damages, consequential, or lost opportunity, for actions taken or not taken based on information or reports provided by PriceG2. Product acceptance: PriceG2's market research and consulting services are sold AS IS. Once client receives deliverables from PriceG2 either by email, downloading it from the PriceG2 web site, or any other means provided by PriceG2, client acknowledges they have received the materials and the materials may not be returned for a refund. Cancellation policy: if client chooses to end the subscription services before the term of the subscription has been completed, PriceG2 will refund the client on a prorated basis for any weeks remaining in the paid subscription where the client has not yet received a report from PriceG2. PriceG2 requires client to provide 1 week written notice to PriceG2 in order to apply the cancellation to future reports.

Return/Refund Policy
PriceG2 reports, software, and consulting services are sold to clients as computer files or consulting services. As such, there is no way for a client to return their purchase once made. Therefore PriceG2ís return or refund policy is NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS. PriceG2, Inc. © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.