Return On Investment

My company already has someone to track weekly retail pricing, why do I need PriceG2 reports? PriceG2 offers two compelling answers:

  • PriceG2 reports can save you money and time
  • PriceG2's reports produce better results and are more scientific than "doing it yourself."

Save Money, Save Time - how many hours per week does your company track retail pricing? How many people in your company spend time looking at retail pricing to figure out where the market is going? It could surprise you that your company may already be paying more than $10,000 per year out of the salaries spent by employees of the company, but what are the results?

Here's an example:

If an employee of the company makes $100K/year and spends 2 hours per week analyzing retail pricing, you are already spending $5,000/year in market research! Even though that employee spends 2 hours a week and $5,000/year in salary, what are the results? Do the results capture ALL1 prices high and low from 8 of the major retailers? Was something missed? Did you find all of the opportunities?

Here's the math:

If an employee of the company makes an annual salary of $100,000 per year, then their hourly rate is around $48/hour (calculated as $100,000 / (40 hours/week)*(52 weeks/year)).

PriceG2's reports start at only $5,000/year for new clients and track all valid price points from high to low of hard disk drive products from eight of the major retailers in the U.S. If you can free up yourself or your staff for an extra 2 hours per week, what additional results can be generated for the company? Or you might prefer to go home an hour earlier two nights a week. It's your choice.

Note: 1) PriceG2 may not track some products that are advertised with incomplete information.