PriceG2's market research illuminates market trends for Financial Analysts, Marketing & Sales Managers, Product Planners, and Procurement Managers are just a few of the job classifications that can benefit from PriceG2 market research.

Financial Analysts – your company's buy/sell recommendation is your livelihood. You need real-time data that quickly summarizes the market: Which companies are being aggressive in pricing? Which companies are leading the industry with the introduction of new products? What are the changes in product availability that impacts supply/demand? Solutions:
PriceG2 offers two market research products that can help answer these questions: HDD MarketVision, our value report that provides excellent visibility into pricing, model information, and availability, and the G2 Console, for professionals who need interactive access to compare manufacturers and retailers products.

Marketing & Sales Managers – are your product's prices too high or too low? How do you know? If your competitor made a big price move at a major retailer, what mechanisms do you have in place to detect this and react to it? Is your competitor shipping products into a retailer that your company has previously been exclusive with? Did a retailer drop your product line and not tell you about it? How would you find out? What is going on with your competitor's inventory? Do they have enough supply on all model or is there a delay in the time the retailers can ship your competitor's products?
Product Planners – if your company launches a new product in the retail channel, what should it be priced at? What are your competitors' pricing similar products for? What is the likely price erosion over time for similar feature set products? How do you create a realistic business model for a new product that's a forecast but still anchored in fact?
Procurement Managers – is your company paying too much for its products today? Has your supplier offered your company price reductions that are in line with industry trends? Is another supplier suddenly dropping price below the price your company gets from its incumbent supplier?