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PriceG2 provides our clients with market research reports and expert consulting:

  • MarketVision:  a weekly report for clients who need superior visibility to changes in industry pricing (by supplier or overall), new technology introductions, product portfolios, and supplier distribution maps. MarketVision is available in either Hard Disk Drives or Flash Memory Products including SSD, USB Flash Drives, and Memory Cards.
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  • Expert Consulting:  PriceG2 experts consult in the areas of:
    1. Marketing Automation Installations and Optimization
    2. Marketing Projects - most storage companies are understaffed to achieve their goals. PriceG2 offers clients expert marketing consulting on a project basis.
    3. Paid Telephone Conference Calls - PriceG2 actively consults for financial analysts, mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, and private equity firms. PriceG2 works through the expert consulting firms of: Gerson Lehrman Group, Alpha Sights, Guidepoint Global. Once you have an account with any of these companies, you can schedule conference calls with PriceG2 for discussion on HDD and SSD industry critical metrics within this current quarter as they compare to trends over the last several years.
  • Custom Research:  PriceG2's database goes back to the first week of 2007. If custom research is needed, contact us and we will provide a price quote.

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